|Take In Them Jeans Tutorial|

22 Feb

With brainstorming currently going on about what fun things we can bring to this blog for you, Breana mastered up the idea of ‘Tutorial Tuesdays’. Read her tutorial on an awesomely adorable slouch beanie here. Brilliant.

I have always had a problem with buying jeans; either the waist is too small and the legs fit me perfectly or the waist fits perfectly and the legs are too big. Its frustrating to no end because I prefer to have a slightly looser waist with super skinny skin tight legs through out and I have only been able to find ONE PAIR that fit that way and they just so happened to be on the sale rack at Forever21, last pair. OF COURSE I SNATCHED THEM UP! But in doing that, any other pair of jeans I’ve tried on and found since then have paled in comparison to those one jeans.

I’ve often thought about just sewing up the sides to take them in and ta-da! Well, I finally broke down and bought a pair of dark blue jeggings that had the most potential of being just how I want them – once I take them in.

In this tutorial I will explain a very specific, yet incredibly easy way to take in the inner part of your jean legs providing the waist and hip area fit you properly and/or comfortably. This tutorial is for a pair of skinny or tapered legged jeans. {As in my case}

{before – with my black pair of jeggings}

You will need:

  • pre-washed jeans
  • pins
  • scissors
  • coordinating thread
  • measuring tape
  • yard stick, ruler, or a sturdy straight edge the length of your jean leg
  • marking pencil {best color is white so you can see the line on a dark jean}

Step one

Put them on and mark ’em

Once you have your jeans on inside out, starting from the bottom, pin up the leg a few inches where you want the seam to be moved, pinned parallel to the edge of the jean leg. Once you have a few pins in, take them off.

With the measuring tape, measure from edge of leg to pins. With that measurement, make markings up the leg on both sides every few inches or so tapering in as you go up.

Step Two


Take the yard stick, ruler, or other straight edge and with the pencil, draw a line along the legs where you have marked to see where you will be making your stitch.

Make a single stitch along the line you drew on one pant leg then try the jeans on to make sure they’re comfortable and not too tight or too loose. If they’re either or, take out the seam and try again. If it’s just right, sew the other jean leg and around the crotch about 1/2″ {so you don’t have a droopy crotch!} meeting up with the seam on the other leg, try them on and make sure they’re where you want the seams to be.

Cut along the the seam, leaving a 1/4″ allowance.

Step Three

Finishing the edges

**The best way to finish your edge is to use a serger. In the event that you do not own one or know someone who does, simply tripling up on your stitches or using {my fave} a zig zag stitch will do the trick. {I used the zig zag method.}

Go over your stiches a few times either with a single stitch or zig zag to finish.

Step four

Put them back on

and look at how hot you look in them! Now they should fit you just about exactly how you want them to!

{after with my dark blue pair of jeggings}

Happy Sewing!




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