|My Nine Year Olds Craft Adventure|

16 Feb

Every once in a while when we pop in to Picking Daisies to say hello to the lovely ladies Kay and Dede, Bry will venture over to their scraps bag and pull out some pieces and start to braid bracelets. After making a few for the ladies and their daughters and one for me and some of my friends, she asked if she could make some and put them on my Etsy account. I happily approved of the idea and am excited to see Bry so passionate about hand-making these little beauties. They kind of remind me of when I was in high school and would braid hemp together to make bracelets and anklets – they’re very fun and unique. You can check out her listing here in my Etsy shop.

Bry creating her adorable little bracelets

Aren’t they the coolest?

You can purchase one through my shop or contact me. They’re selling for $1.20 + $.50 shipping, unless local. She’s mainly trying to save up for an American Doll so help a little kiddo out and support young arts & crafts!

{Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the photos – except for the first one}




One Response to “|My Nine Year Olds Craft Adventure|”

  1. swiiimlessons February 16, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    Sweet! I want one!

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