|Featured Etsy Seller of the Month – January|

1 Feb

I’m going to start a ‘Featured Etsy Seller of the Month’ where I post a featured/favorite Etsy seller and write a little bit about them each month. This will give you all an idea of what my interests are, you’ll be able to find a new favorite Etsy seller yourself, and will -hoping- promote their shop and increase their sales.

Lately it’s been a struggle for me to find the colors I want for a zipper or I’ve found the color, but the size is all wrong. Not only that, but I’m limited to three places to shop for zippers that have reasonable prices – Beverlys, Bettys, and Walmart {which I’m currently boycotting for personal reasons}.

After searching online, I came across this shop on Etsy and was amazed!

She has this listing that made my jaw drop – was it too good to be true? 50 mix-n-match 12 inch YKK zippers for only $25!??!

It was true.

I jumped on that sale like a cowboy on a horse and rode in to the sunset.

I’ve made several Etsy purchases in the past and have never had a problem with a seller. I’ve enjoyed every transaction. But this one was a little different. I think partly because I received and Etsy convo immediately thanking me for my purchase and that my order will ship next day. Partly because she kept me updated when needed and got the order out fast. Then I get the package, open it up, and was very pleased. Included was a sample zipper pull she offers for sale in her shop, a discount card {even though she lists the code for the discount in her shop announcement}, a business card, and a cute little fortune fish {those plasticy, staticy fish things where you put it in your hand and see what it does then thats your fortune}. The zipper quality was great, packaged great, shipped fast, easy to order from – couldn’t ask for a better shop to get my zippers from.

So I ordered more.

And I got another convo thanking me and letting me know my order will go out tomorrow.

We are going out of town and the package would get here while we are gone so I asked if it would be alright to wait to ship till Saturday and she said no problem. This makes me happy!

If you are ever in the need to purchase zippers in bulk, zipper pulls, or fabric, I suggest visiting her shop.

Zipit on Etsy – thumps up for me! I just can’t keep my mouth zipped about your shop!

{she also has a different shop offering up buttons, magnets, and mirrors here}



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