Finally She Speaks.

26 Jan

Funny thing about this blog (other that the oh so witty title) is I created it ages ago…and never updated it. Then Ashley’s down to do a crafty blog together. Since she’s updated it, I still have yet to update.

This is partially to do with the fact that I am newly engaged, visiting and planning a Portland move, and slightly..lazy. ha.

So let’s do a quick show and tell. For Christmas, I didn’t make many things, mostly cause I barely had time to shop let alone make presents. However, Ms. Ashley been craving a pair of owl fingerless gloves, so I whipped up these babies:

I am awful with following patterns, so I made these both up as I went along, making it possible that the owls are not exactly the same 😉 But I thought they came out pretty good. The yarn is some kind of amazing wool worsted (almost chunky) loveliness I picked up at my LYS Scarlet Skein. I actually picked it up especially for these mitts.

I will be planning to post these only to my etsy shop, once I get a few pairs down. Along with some flowers, and other little accessories. Keep your eye out for it! I also will be re-listing numerous knitting beanies I’ve hidden in my room.



Breana 😀


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