|Fabric Hunt & New Product|

25 Jan

I am constantly on the lookout for new fabric to use for my bags. I like to lean more towards the canvasy/thicker fabric because I don’t use interfacing in my bags, but if the pattern is right…. it’s mine!

I just came across this awesome new line from Lizzie B. Cre8ive titled ‘Tuscadelphia’. I am a very big fan of plaid, postcards, and scooters and this line has all three of those and one more to boot! Check this out!

I try to pick something that would appeal to a large amount of people without steering away from who I am and I find a lot of fabric designers out there have made that option available to me. As you all know, Echino by Etsuku Faruya is, by far, my favorite fabric/designer and Melody Miller for Kokka is climbing right up behind. Their prints are just amazing, adorable, hip – pretty much covers what I am aiming for. I haven’t followed Lizzie B. Cre8ive for very long; in fact, I’ve only seen sneak peeks in the recent months, but if they keep this up, I just might have to buy it all out!

Also, more product has gone up on Etsy. My lovely boyfriend amazed me again {surprised me as well, as I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to list anything until his friend shipped his camera battery charger, but he managed to amaze me} and shot my new product so I could list them today. Those drawstring bags I’ve been talking about are now available for you to admire {and purchase!}. Here are a few shots of the drawstring bags:

I also created some more multi.purpose bags, but you’ll have to visit my Etsy page to see. They’re really quite adorable and I would have to say my favorite batch listed so far.

Thanks for all your support!



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