|Two threads to be reckoned with|

13 Jan

‘Aye’, says Breana. A newly engaged {eeek, OMG!} girl who spends her days working in a darling little fabric shop and nights siting next to her fiancé {eeeek!} either knitting, sewing, or jamming on her awesome keyboard. Craftiness comes naturally for her; from knitting awesome owl fingerless gloves for Ashley, sewing herself a cute little skirt, or making an awesome box shaped bag, Breana definitely sets the bar high with ridiculously hip and current creations. Here she’ll keep you updated on new crafty adventures, her crazy wedding planning that will involve tons of D.I.Y. advice, and her favorite fabrics, blogs, articles.

‘Herro’, says Ashley. A mother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, and friend. She spends her days chasing a speedy little one year old as a nanny and nights putting pedal to the metal on her sewing machine while watching movies and eating doritos. After seeing the awesomesauce bag Breana created she begged and pleaded to make one herself. Beginning as a small project, Ashley has become slightly addicted to becoming sew hip. Combining fabrics heavily influenced by her surroundings, personality, and art; Ashley sets out to create fun multi-purpose bags for everyone. Here she will keep you updated on new products she has for sale on etsy as well as side projects and experiments to help her learn more about her new hobby.


Watch out | we’re gonna take over the world one needle at a time!


One Response to “|Two threads to be reckoned with|”

  1. Victoria January 13, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    Sooo cute!!! YAY!! Get it girls!! ❤

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