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Finally She Speaks.

26 Jan

Funny thing about this blog (other that the oh so witty title) is I created it ages ago…and never updated it. Then Ashley’s down to do a crafty blog together. Since she’s updated it, I still have yet to update.

This is partially to do with the fact that I am newly engaged, visiting and planning a Portland move, and slightly..lazy. ha.

So let’s do a quick show and tell. For Christmas, I didn’t make many things, mostly cause I barely had time to shop let alone make presents. However, Ms. Ashley been craving a pair of owl fingerless gloves, so I whipped up these babies:

I am awful with following patterns, so I made these both up as I went along, making it possible that the owls are not exactly the same 😉 But I thought they came out pretty good. The yarn is some kind of amazing wool worsted (almost chunky) loveliness I picked up at my LYS Scarlet Skein. I actually picked it up especially for these mitts.

I will be planning to post these only to my etsy shop, once I get a few pairs down. Along with some flowers, and other little accessories. Keep your eye out for it! I also will be re-listing numerous knitting beanies I’ve hidden in my room.



Breana 😀


|Fabric Hunt & New Product|

25 Jan

I am constantly on the lookout for new fabric to use for my bags. I like to lean more towards the canvasy/thicker fabric because I don’t use interfacing in my bags, but if the pattern is right…. it’s mine!

I just came across this awesome new line from Lizzie B. Cre8ive titled ‘Tuscadelphia’. I am a very big fan of plaid, postcards, and scooters and this line has all three of those and one more to boot! Check this out!

I try to pick something that would appeal to a large amount of people without steering away from who I am and I find a lot of fabric designers out there have made that option available to me. As you all know, Echino by Etsuku Faruya is, by far, my favorite fabric/designer and Melody Miller for Kokka is climbing right up behind. Their prints are just amazing, adorable, hip – pretty much covers what I am aiming for. I haven’t followed Lizzie B. Cre8ive for very long; in fact, I’ve only seen sneak peeks in the recent months, but if they keep this up, I just might have to buy it all out!

Also, more product has gone up on Etsy. My lovely boyfriend amazed me again {surprised me as well, as I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to list anything until his friend shipped his camera battery charger, but he managed to amaze me} and shot my new product so I could list them today. Those drawstring bags I’ve been talking about are now available for you to admire {and purchase!}. Here are a few shots of the drawstring bags:

I also created some more multi.purpose bags, but you’ll have to visit my Etsy page to see. They’re really quite adorable and I would have to say my favorite batch listed so far.

Thanks for all your support!


|Getting Crazy|

20 Jan

So tonight while the boyfriend is off shooting photos for something amazing, I decided to sit down and tackle making a tote. I have never made one before and I honestly didn’t feel like reading through another tutorial {half because I knew I didn’t have everything the tutorials called for} so I made one from scratch.

I took some amazing fabric that I purchased at Birch specifically for this. Check this out!

Its a simple design, but man – I think next time I might follow a tutorial. It took me 2 hours to make it. It’s not the greatest of construction, but it’s mine and I love it!

Okay, now that I’ve sewn the night away, it’s off to bed.


P.S. No this bag is not for sale and no I will not make one for you. It was hard! {Probably because I didn’t follow a tutorial…} Check back, though – I might get better at it!

|String ‘Em Up|

18 Jan

Lately I’ve been working on making a new type of bag for Etsy…. drawstring!

I had some free time {somehow} floating around one night and took advantage of it. I found a cool tutorial {check it here!} online and created a nifty little bag. It’s labeled as a reusable produce bag, but I use mine for art supplies – you can use it for just about anything!

Here is my first drawstring bag:


Sneak Peek of what’s goin’ up on Etsy:

Check back for the drawstring bags to be added soon on Etsy



|New Product|

15 Jan

I have been a busy little bee creating new product for my Etsy shop. I’ll be adding drawstring bags soon so look for those!

a s h l e y m a r i e .


{My lovely boyfriend took these photos for me. He’s such a keeper!}

Happy sewing! ~ Ashley

|Two threads to be reckoned with|

13 Jan

‘Aye’, says Breana. A newly engaged {eeek, OMG!} girl who spends her days working in a darling little fabric shop and nights siting next to her fiancé {eeeek!} either knitting, sewing, or jamming on her awesome keyboard. Craftiness comes naturally for her; from knitting awesome owl fingerless gloves for Ashley, sewing herself a cute little skirt, or making an awesome box shaped bag, Breana definitely sets the bar high with ridiculously hip and current creations. Here she’ll keep you updated on new crafty adventures, her crazy wedding planning that will involve tons of D.I.Y. advice, and her favorite fabrics, blogs, articles.

‘Herro’, says Ashley. A mother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, and friend. She spends her days chasing a speedy little one year old as a nanny and nights putting pedal to the metal on her sewing machine while watching movies and eating doritos. After seeing the awesomesauce bag Breana created she begged and pleaded to make one herself. Beginning as a small project, Ashley has become slightly addicted to becoming sew hip. Combining fabrics heavily influenced by her surroundings, personality, and art; Ashley sets out to create fun multi-purpose bags for everyone. Here she will keep you updated on new products she has for sale on etsy as well as side projects and experiments to help her learn more about her new hobby.


Watch out | we’re gonna take over the world one needle at a time!